Signs of cheating

It all starts with a little shift in their behavior. One day you start to notice that they are becoming distant towards you…

Then they keep caring less and less about spending quality time together, often finding excuses to your date suggestions. There is always that one errand they have to run, work they are busy with, those plans with their friends and coworkers they made months ago…

Out of nowhere they start using their phone and computer more. Text messages and calls at unusual times. Their nose glued to their phone screens, constantly chatting with someone.

And when you ask who is that, it’s always something generic – “it’s from work, it’s my friends, it’s a client”… no details or explanation that usually followed before.

Let me tell you, it is always heartbreaking to find out your other half is cheating on you. And while you may have suspicions, it is always a good idea to have some proof to your claims before accusing your significant other of cheating. You should trust your gut after all.

Thankfully, a big portion of communication nowadays happens over internet, which means there is always a tech trail leading to every person contacted on the web. While hiring a private investigator might seem as a solid solution to your fears, a good idea would be to start by investigating your partner’s activity on the internet first.

Which websites to check if your partner is cheating

A good place to start your investigation is the social network “Facebook”. You probably already have your partner in your friend list. What you should do is to check any new friends they added, check their photos, videos, posts and story updates. Check what your partner is consistently following and commenting on.

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter are good bets as well. You can easily check who is your partner following, what they are interested in. Check their profile information as well – maybe there are some hints such as “looking for relationship’ for example. Most of the time you will be able to perform a search for their latest chats and see who they have been chatting with lately.

While you will probably find something on these websites, there are others that might be worth looking into.

There are websites that are built specifically as places where married people could find someone to cheat with. They preach that privacy is their guarantee and encourage “taking a risk” on starting an affair with someone.

And while creating an account in sites like Marital Affairs, Married Secrets, Hush Affair just to check if you can find your partner there might seem like a good idea, figuring out if they even visits such websites first would be a better option, as it takes time to find someone specific on these “dating” networks.

For that, you should try to get access to your partners phone or computer and check their browsing history, cookies, saved bookmarks and favorites. They may even have apps and programs connected to such websites – some of them offer “secret chats” to download and use.

The only way: confirm your suspicions by proof and rip that band aid!

If you honestly feel that your partner might be cheating, you must first find proof to back up your claims. It is a serious accusation after all.

We are all humans with our own lives, sometimes we really just get too involved in our own work, hobbies, social circles, having to sacrifice our time spent with our loved ones.

The best way to solve the cheating scenario fear is to talk with each other first, communicate why you started to feel these suspicions – maybe it is a misunderstanding after all!

But if they really do get all defensive and refuse to explain their behavior, it’s a perfectly good indicator that your relationship might not be what your thought it was and to start investigating your partners activities.

Good or bad, the truth will come out if you take action. And like with all things, it starts from the reason and decision.

Good luck!



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