You might have seen it on the movies…

You might have heard about it in music, lyrics full of pain and sadness…

You might have witnessed it in the lives of somebody close to you, your family’s and friends’…

You might (and I really hope you didn’t) have experienced it first hand yourself – to be thrown into abyss of broken hearts and dissolved trust.

I am, of course, talking about cheating and unfaithfulness.



Let’s be honest here – every one of us desire to have that “special somebody” in our lives.

No matter how you were brought up in the world, your social status, your work, your hobbies…

At some point, you start to feel that there is something missing in your life.

Eventually, you figure it out. You accept that truth.

And then after, what may be countless failed attempts,  you finally find you second half. Someone who makes it all worth it. Someone who gives you strength to pull through challenges of your everyday life.

And you trust that love, hoping, that it never leaves – just grows and follows you for the rest of your life.

As of today, when communications are countless and easily accessible to everyone, our relationships often become more fragile in result. As we can contact anyone at any desired time with ease, we tend to forget to put in the effort in our bonds with other people.

Not only do our friendships perish for that reason, but we ourselves are become more and more self-centered and egoistic hedonists – which I think you all would agree, is not the best outcome for our  place in society.

Sadly, this type of social interaction change leads to fragile and untrustworthy romantic relationships as well.

Instead of trying to solve our problems, trying to discuss, and change, evolve together towards a common goal of a successful and strong bond, we rather escape the relationship all together and try to find someone else with less “mismatches” with our ego.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that you should forfeit your right to get out of toxic relationships. I encourage it. I always said and will say that it is better to be with no one that to be with someone who is completely wrong for you.Talking from experience here…

But having to break up with your SO is not the worst that could happen to anyone.

It’s actually better to let go of each other if something is unsatisfactory and unchangeable in your relationship.

It’s much MUCH worse to “compensate” the lacking parts of  your love connection with someone else entirely while still being in a committed relationship.

And the gloomiest part of it all is that due to all the new tech we use in our daily lives, hiding your affairs is very easy. You may feel hopeless, knowing by your gut that there is something wrong with them and to never be able to catch them, find proof to confirm your fears.

But fear no more, because there are two sides on every coin.

Just as technology makes it easier to hide their tracks, it can help YOU to catch them cheating. And nothing works better here than the internet.



Are you absolutely sure that your suspicions have a foundation and not based upon your own personal problems or fears?

You should always think before deciding to do whatever it takes to find the truth about your partner, as both outcomes of such investigation may lead to separation of ways.

If they are cheating, things you might find will hurt you, so be ready to accept the reality and don’t forget that in the big picture, this will all be for the better. No long and happy relationship is built upon lies and deceit.

If they are not cheating, however, congratulations. But if they find out about your lack of trust in them because they caught you snooping in their lives or if you confronted them and all your claims where false, this may also lead to severing of your connection and the eventual end of your relationship. Trust and belief in each other is slow to grow but fast to decay.

So once again I must emphasize that you need to think things through before you take action. And then think them through again. Be sure that your claims are valid.



You decided to investigate your negative emotion source.

You could not let go of your suspicions.

Only one thing can make it or brake it for you now.

And that is evidence (or lack of it) of your partner cheating.

The are some of the easiest ways and means to check their honesty (or once again, lack of it):

Check their internet history. That way you will know the websites they frequently visit and spend their time on. Most used browsers have an in-build function to record users every page visit. Unless your partner is using private mode or manually deletes the records of internet history (which people normally don’t do, unless they are hiding something), chances are, you will find leads for what you are looking for. And some of those records might help with the steps bellow too.

Check their email. If your partner happens to share their email address and password with you, you can check their messages. If not, maybe they saved their username/password in browser. Check email services of their choice, chances are, they are using multiple. Enable cookies on their computer. If you didn’t find the password now, they might have disabled it. Then next time they will use their computer, information like login data will be saved and stored in the browser that was used.

Try to find them on the internet while hiding your true ID. If you decide to check various social networks, forums, chats and other online places for your partners activity, it might be a good idea to pretend to be someone else. If you have a friend you can trust, ask them to lend you theirs. One of the more time taking ways is to create a fake person’s profile and try to befriend your partner on social networks, then start flirting and hitting on them. If they “return the favor”, it’s a proof that your partner is unfaithful to you.

Install a keylogger program on their computer. Keylogger programs record every single keyboard press that is being made by user. Data collected by such programs can get you your partners login information for email. Just make sure you download it from a trusted source, as there are some shady providers out there who may collect the data from you as well!

Confront your partner. This way is the simplest and only works when you have at least some arguments to backup your suspicions. It is the most effective one too – usually, even a simple thing you manage to catch about their cheating will lead them to loosing nerve and admitting that they are. Some may continue lying and deceiving you. If you feel that this did not solve anything, it’s still worth to try the other methods.

Try installing surveillance software on your partner’s devices. There are many choices here. Sadly, most trusted and effective ones usually have a solid price tag.  Their functionality ranges from simple web data collection to real time following of the device they are installed on. I will tell you this – pick this path ONLY when every other method your try fails and you still feel like they are not being honest with you. It will cost you money and a piece of yourself as well. Besides, people who cheat usually feel fear of getting caught – and start making mistakes. A flaw that eventually will be their undoing.



If you decided to search your partner’s life for clues about cheating, you should start your investigation immediately.

Pick the most doable way for your and do it – putting it up for later will only make it worse.

I hope you find the truth – which ever it may be.

Good luck!

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