Catching someone cheating is always heartbreaking.

To find out that the person you trusted has betrayed you in the worst way possible.

But some people are just like that, and, sadly, sometimes there is no way of knowing.

Nowadays, when the world is full of technology, many relationships suffer from new forms of cheating, unfaithfulness and multi-partner online dating.

They might be cheating while you sleep...Your significant other might seem to be spending hours and hours on their computer, saying they are working, when they are actually flirting and mingling with other people.

Some cheaters do it virtually, others follow through with actual dates behind your back, starting secret relationships.

Is there any way to find out, if your “better” half is actually cheating? How to find cheaters on dating sites?

All it takes is a little bit of slyness and will to act to find the truth.



First of all, one thing that might help you to avoid cheaters in the future is to make your screening process for relationship partners more strict.

When in a new relationship, it helps to set boundaries within the first month – make it clear that you are not a swinger, but a monogamous person and value loyalty and faithfulness the most.

Serious partners should not hide things from each other – every relationship is built on love and trust, so there should be no secrets.

If you met by using Tinder or some other dating app, agree that you both delete it the time you decide to move forward with your relationship.

And remember that the values and virtues we carry with us everyday should not be hidden from the world.

When you start dating, always, and I mean, ALWAYS be yourself and not a created version of your “best self”. While your true-self might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it will help you avoid a lot of incompatible and fake relationships.

This does not mean that if you natural self is a sarcastic, cynical grump who always complains about something, someone will eventually love you for who you are. They might, but you are probably not looking for such person yourself. What we are ourselves, that type of people we are going to attract.

Are they hiding their phone calls from you?

If you did start a relationship with someone you trusted (or thought you did) and started to have suspicions about their behavior, here are some methods that might help you bust them:

  • Check their email address and enter it in the “forgotten password” option found on most websites that lets you create accounts. Usually, if the account is used constantly, this option will fail as a protective measure against account thieving.
  • Check data associated with their phone number. Dating apps on Android operating system are usually linked by user’s phone number. While you are spending time with them and notice that they are using their phone a lot, try logging into their account using their number. If they suddenly look at their phone, it might mean that they received a login verification code – meaning they are using a dating app!
  • It might help to create an account in the same area as they have done. While being time consuming (and luck based, mostly) as there are many active users in any area (unless you live in the woods) at any time.
  • If you lack the time or are afraid that your investigation will get noticed, you can always invest some money for professional service like albion-service (operates in Tinder app) or Buzzhumble (Bumble app searching service).
  • It would hurt to check their browsing history on their browser of choice. While checking it on computer (if you both are using the same one) would be easier, it also less likely to find anything there, as cheaters usually learn about ways to “cover their tracks”. At any rate, it’s worth the shot.
  • You could also try to check their phone browser’s  history, but getting access to it might be harder and have harsher consequences, as it is considered a more personal item than a computer. Do this only if your suspicions are valid and only need more proof.
  • Another thing you could try is to set up accounts on dating sites that you think they might be using. Although it would be time consuming, these sites usually have advanced search functions that help to filter out people by various criteria. Just add in information about the person in question. This might not work if their profile is set up in deceiving ways in order to attract certain people.
  • The are specific tools available on the internet usually used to find people you knew once and would like to catch up with, but do not know how to find them. These tools are often used (even though they are not necessarily meant to be used in this way) for so called “background checking”. These usually cost money to be used, but results are often better than investigating yourself and much, much faster. Such tools collect data about the person from various sources, including social networks, saved and visited locations, various databases, and presents it in a easy-to-read way.
  • You might be able to install a monitoring program on their computer or phone. The catch is, you would need to do it without them noticing it, as hacking into such devices remotely is very difficult and more often than not, impossible. You can record pressed keys, entered data, used programs, visited websites and other useful information that might help you to catch your SO cheating.



Say "NO" to cheating!While it might seem scary to you at first to find proof of your partner cheating, know that it’s always, and I mean, ALWAYS better to be alone than with the wrong person.

It hurts to find out they are cheating, but it hurts even more to suspect it (and have a solid reason to) and not know the truth.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, remember – it is your responsibility to be with a partner who is worthy of you.

And I hope that the one you end up with will never give you a reason to doubt their trust and devotion to you.

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