The truth is just one phone call away…

Finding out they are cheating is never easy.

Finding solid proof of it is even harder, as it usually means you’re going to have to break in someone’s “private space”. And even though it is not entirely legal, neither is cheating on your partner.

There are many ways to bust your cheating SO. In this article, a way to catch them by a found phone number will be explained.

Getting the first lead – the number of the “affair”

Let’s get one thing clear first. You are doing this because you decided. It leads to breaking the trust bond between you and your partner.

But since you believe that they are cheating (and have solid arguments to back that up) you are willing to take the risk and deal with consequences.

And so, you take action. It is quite simple really.

The first step is to get the number you are going to investigate.

For this, you might need access to your partner’s phone call logs. Find a simple and not suspicious reason to borrow it (or figure how to get your hands on it, since your are involved, it should not be hard). Then go through the logs and pick the number you suspect has something to do with cheating.

Don’t get me wrong – they are probably hiding their affair in some way – be it changing the name of their lover to something innocent and misleading, like a work colleague for example.

You probably know your partner enough to know the people that they know, so this might help you choose.

Pay attention to the frequency of calls made/received as well as the amounts of messages sent/got.

If possible, check communication apps, like Whats App or Skype as well – these might register numbers of people you contact too.

If everything went well – meaning, they did not purposely deleted every single record of ever talking with their lover – you should have a number you want to investigate now.

Now comes the second step…

The investigation – it’s all a numbers game

So you’ve got the number. Step two is now in order – finding out who it belongs to. I am going to take a long shot here and guess that it is not a phone line device number? If that was the case, you could simply look it up on latest released phone book (online or paper one) and check to see who uses that number.

Most of the time, it is going to be a mobile phone number though.

And that is why this does not always work – a lot of countries don’t publicly show information concerning phone numbers – like who they belong to and such. But there are some exceptions here.
Many people add their phone number to various profiles around the internet. There are in fact lots of registration processes nowadays that actually require you to add your number to validate that you are a real person and not a bot. They also spam you with lots of adds thanks to that…

You should try to search that number – chances are, some results will show up. After that it is all about checking the information found. There are many apps that make this process faster, but you can search it manually yourself too.

For example, if your search query listed a Facebook account linked with that number, you should fact-check if the person shown is a possible candidate as your SO lover.

If enough details about them look like it might be it, you could try to contact them and find and excuse to ask them if they happen to know your partner (do it by hiding or faking your identity first, they will probably know about you to avoid you). Tell them that you are a friend from their childhood or school – something simple works best.

If they let it slip that they know your SO, then you might have caught the culprit.

Then it’s time for the last step – the confrontation.

The confrontation – make it and break it (up with them)

Now that your suspicions have been confirmed by your investigation, it is time to use the gathered data to find out the truth.

This step is quite literally make it and break it – if your facts are right, then confronting your partner will be a lot easier, even if they deny it at first, if it is the truth, the fear that they were caught will break them eventually.

And if they do not, it still going to be easier to break up with them knowing that you are right and have a solid proof of their infidelity.

You successfully caught a cheater with phone number.


The aftermath

Now, breaking up with someone is never easy. But knowing you did it for the right reasons will help your heart heal quicker.

It might seem hard at first, but it is a life experience like any other and you should learn from it. And remember that it was not you – it was them that broke the love you two felt.

And such people are not worth your feelings…

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