Woman found out she got cheated on
Being cheated on crushes your soul…

Everybody faces betrayal at some point in their lives.

When someone you believed in, trusted, relied on broke that connection by their words or actions.

Be it a close friend, a coworker, your family member or your significant other, betrayal of any kind can leave deep psychological wounds that heal very slow – and sometimes, not at all.

Perhaps the worst type of betrayal one can experience during their lifetime is being cheated on by our loved ones.

While there are many clues and hints that might point to your loved one cheating, you should always start by having an honest discussion about things that worry you – like changes in their usual behavior for example.

People change with time and you overthinking about it might be the case.

Cheating is a serious accusation and they will get mad if your claim is without a solid proof. If you are wrongly accusing them, this might even lead to a break up.

But if you really feel that talking it out did not help and something really DOES feels off about the way they act and behave, there might be a cause for concern – you should trust your gut feeling after all.



If you do decide to investigate the possibility of your partner cheating, be prepared to deal with what you find, good or bad.

If you are willing to take the risk in order to find out the truth, then the question to answer becomes obvious – how do you catch a cheater?

New tools to catch cheaters are everywhere nowadays…

21st. century’s technology makes cheating very easy as communication between people is effortless due to everyone owning a phone, tablet, computer or any other device.

What is worse, is that not only its easier for people to communicate, it’s also easier to hide their identities – meaning, that your love’s call with “John” who is described as a friend from work might not be who they make you think they are.

The good news is – technology also makes it a whole lot easier to check on people regularly and follow their every move!

Often the person who is cheating will make sure you cannot see their chats or call logs in some way – be it deleting them or hiding them, protecting that data with a password or something similar.

On the other hand, if it’s digital data, there are usually ways to get through these privacy shields in one way or another.

Even deleted data can be recovered, unless your soon-to-be-ex significant other is an IT geek who knows how to wipe it from devices.

And if they are and DID wipe the data, that alone can be used as an argument and proof that they are trying to hide something from you.

Because every case of cheating is different, there is no one, truly best way to catch a cheater. But since all of us humans are people of habit, there are some simple things you should try first (if possible):

  • If you hear them speaking on phone/texting someone, try asking them about who it was afterwards. If they suddenly get all defensive and act weird about it, that might mean they are hiding something from you.
  • Follow their behavior on social networks – people tend to post a lot about their lives, they might share a piece of information that could confirm your suspicions.
  • Directly ask them to let you check their phone for messages and calls from unknown numbers. If they let you – pay attention to the timestamps, if it happened on strange time (for example – at night), it might be a good idea to figure out who’s number it is.

While these are some of the basic ways to catch a cheater, there are other options.

If you don’t have easy access to the cheater’s devices, or they are protective of their privacy in general, this is where the specialized tools come in.

There are numerous apps and tools that provide cleaver ways to catch a cheater. These usually involve some sort of background checking, collection of data about the person and tracking of their activity on various social networks and platforms or data collection by a provided number.



Your suspicions about them cheating might be correct…

No matter what tool or action, no matter what way to catch a cheater you decide to try in the end, I hope it will work and truth will be revealed.

If your concerns are haunting your, remember that the longer you put off this unpleasant process, the worse it’s going to make you feel in the end.

Don’t ever let anyone unworthy of yourself, someone who betrays you for somebody else on a whim, to waste your time, your love and care for them.

After all, ignorance is not always a bliss, and the term “white lie” doesn’t apply when it comes to romantic relationships.

With whomever you end up with, always make sure that both of you are on the same page all the time, and care, love, loyalty and honesty are the virtues you both value and carry every day of your compassionate and shared lives.

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